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Eco Status

schoolsecoCarousel Nursery was proud to be the first Private Nursery in the locality to be awarded the Green Flag. Nurseries can work towards gaining flags, bronze, silver and green, by introducing eco-friendly initiatives both in nursery, and in the grounds which surround us. Our efforts are then assessed by a representative from Eco Schools Scotland. All nurseries currently hold, or are working towards gaining and maintaining the Green Flag status. In becoming more eco friendly, our children have become aware of our environment, how to reduce waste and have learned about initiatives happening worldwide as they investigate different ways to help save our planet!
To find out more about the Green Flag process, you can log on to the Eco Schools Scotland website at www.ecoschoolsscotland.org, have a look at our wall displays or chat to a member of staff. Parent Representatives are always welcome on the Eco Committee and we would be delighted to welcome your thoughts and ideas on how to keep improving our eco friendliness in nursery.