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Early Learning & Childcare Funding

Early Learning and Childcare funding (ELCC) is awarded by the Local Authority for a maximum of 600 hours.  At Carousel Nurseries and Clyde Nursery we offer ELCC from Aug up to and including July and pro-rata if your child qualifies at the start of the January or April school terms.  At West Dunbartonshire Council your child qualifies from the start of the term after their third birthday (see qualifying dates below).  At Argyll and Bute Council they qualify from the Monday following their third birthday.  The education place is delivered by us at 12.5 hours per week (maximum 5 x 2.5 hour sessions),  over 48 weeks (pro rata), there will be no breaks in ELCC funding over the school holiday periods.

Your fee reduction is based on the number of ELCC sessions awarded to you by the Education Department and the sessions you book at nursery. At Carousel Nurseries and Clyde Nursery one ELCC sessions is available each morning and one each afternoon.  A maximum of two sessions will be offered per day.  Wrap-around childcare will continue to be charged at the usual rates.  If you have booked less than 5 sessions and want to increase your child's attendance to get the most out of your funded place, please speak to your Nursery Manager to discuss this.  You may split your funding over two different nurseries if required, please advise if this is the case.

West Dunbartonshire Council

  • Funding Term 1 - August 17 - July 18 - £2,061.95 (48 weeks)
  • Funding Term 2 - Jan 18 - July 18 - £1,160.95 (16 weeks)
  • Funding Term 3 - April 18 - July 18 - £488.25 (12 weeks)

This amount is the equivalent of the maximum 5 sessions per week, pro-rata for less than 5 sessions.

3rd Birthday Qualification Dates - WDC only

  • 3yrs old on or before 31/8/2018:  August Term 2018 Qualification
  • 3yrs old on or before 31/12/2018:  January Term 2019 Qualification
  • 3yrs old on or before 28/02/2018:  April Term 2018 Qualification

Children who turn 3 after 28 February will not qualify until the August term.  This applies to children in both West Dunbartonshire and Argyll and Bute.

Local Authority Contact West Dunbartonshire:

Acting Senior Education Officer - Early Years
West Dunbartonshire Council
Department of Education
Garshake Road
G82 3PU
Tel: 01389 737306

Argyll And Bute (Clyde Nursery)

Local Authority Contact: Rona McGillivray
Administrative Assistant, Early Learning and Childcare
Argyll & Bute Council
Alexandra Parade
PA23 8AJ
Tel: 01369 708503

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to speak to the Nursery Manager or Claire Rowan, Company Director, directly if you have any questions regarding Early Learning Childcare funding

Claire Rowan, Company Director, Head Office – Tel: 01389 763763
Nursery Manager, Carousel Nursery, Dumbarton – Tel: 01389 732636
Nursery Manager, Carousel Nursery, Alexandria – Tel: 01389 750628
Nursery Manager, Clyde Nursery, Helensburgh – Tel: 01436 821698

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