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Positive Parenting

Positive Parenting

Remember to let your child know how much you love them. This will build your child’s confidence and self-esteem. The more you show your child you love them, the more they will want to prove it. Try and tell them at least once a day.

Makes your child feel secure and will help to improve their behaviour. Predictability is important for children as it helps them feel safe. Keeping children in a routine (eg for bedtime, breakfast-time, shopping, etc) means you are less likely to get into arguments with them. They will know what to expect and so requests won’t come out of the blue for them. This increases the likelihood they will do what you have asked them to.

Remember the importance of spending time with your child to play and have quiet times together. Play gives your child a chance to talk to you and let you know if anything is bothering them. It can also help to improve your relationship with your child.

It is important to give lots of praise for good behaviour. Try and praise as much as you can, even for small improvements and effort and everyday activities, eg getting dressed or brushing their teeth. Also give your child a few choices and ask them their opinion about things, it will help build their self-confidence.

Make Clear Specific Requests
Make sure you just make one clear instruction or request at a time and make sure you have your child’s attention by making eye contact with them before you ask them to do something.

Don’t chop and change how you respond to your child’s behaviour – set limits and stick to them. Also, try to have everybody in the family responding in the same way.

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